Upcoming Event

WEEF&GEDC Conference 2022
  • November 28, 2022
  • Cape Town, South Africa

Our Objectives The main aims of the African Engineering Education Association (AEEA) are: to promote excellent quality education in various engineering disciplines in Africa and to bridge the North-South divide.

Providing a mutual support network of engineering educators, through the established African Regional Conference on Engineering Education (ARCEE).

Improving teaching and learning in educational institutions, through workshops for engineering educators.

Sensitization programmes on the need for government support for engineering education, including the provision of adequate infrastructure and staffing.

Encouraging involvement of the Africans in diaspora to be involved in the development of engineering education in Africa, through exchange programmes.

Enhancing the development of the next generation of engineering educators, through the establishment of regional Postgraduate Training Centres.

Promoting exchange of students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) across the continent through removal of international fee barriers.